Happy Birthday to ME!

I am now officially 30...and it's not as bad as I anticipated! Last night I hung out with some of my guys, got a little tipsy, watched some movies, and just enjoyed being ME. Tonight I am headed out to The Brick Alley to get shitfaced with my nearest and dearest...all while praying there is no camera to capture whatever insanity I get myself into! Thanks for the birthday love from those of you who have called, or sent email, or e-cards; it means a lot to be remembered and it was a great way to start the day! I am headed out now to have lunch with the one man who always loves me, and is always guaranteed to brighten my day...My son! Talk to you all later, have a birthday shot for me~k?!


P.S. Happy Birthday to YOU as well, Mr. P!


Blogger snavy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

It ain't so bad - hehehehe!!!!


Blogger Madame X said...

Happy Birthday sweetie, I hope the coming year hold much happiness for you!

Blogger Miss Innocent said...

Awww, thanks ladies! I promise to make it by your sites later today...I have missed you both!

*kisses and snuggles!

Blogger RobynB said...

Happy Birthday darlin'

Drink one for me!

Blogger sullen girl said...

Happy birthday baby girl :x Can I still call you that now that you're in the 30 club with me??? ;)

If I was in KY, I would hook you up with some bday spankings, some boobie nuzzles and some love to all your inappropriate places ;) RAWR!

*sidenote* Sorry I missed your call yesterday - Yesterday sucked ass for me.... I'll be sure to call you back at some point today :)

Until then *ahem*.....
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Little Miss.....
Happy Birthday to you!

Now bend over and let me spank that fine ass of yours! ;)


Blogger The Village Idiot said...

happy official 30..I vaguely remember 30..that was 11 yrs ago

Blogger Miss Innocent said...


Sullen, you know how to find me babygirl...and I am up for spankings any 'ol time you manage to get down here! I will look forward to hearing your voice!

V.I. I just hope I age as well as you! 40+ is looking pretty darn good I must say!

Robyn, You know I am thinking about ya' girl...I'll have a drink (or 12) for ya'!


Blogger Gone Home said...

Happy Birthday!

Blogger da buttah said...

happy birthday my dear! :) my brother just turned 30..and he could care less...i'm on the cusp of 24 and i'm freakin out.


ps: hope you don't mind i linked you

Blogger iminluvwitastripper said...

Happy Birthday gurl! I was at Keeneland last Friday, but couldn't find you guys.

Blogger Romeo Jensen said...

Holy effin balls!!!
Okay so like if girls are going to look as good as you do at 30... I say bring it on!!! I can't wait to be 30 too!!!
Now we have a custom in Denmark where when a young lass (such as yourself) turns 30... she must have hot monkey love sex with a tall Danish guy (such as me). Now this may sound "appealing" to you on the surface... but let me forewarn you!!!
It will include hours and hours of orgasim inducing oral sex to be performed on the girl!!!
Yeah... I thought that might change your tune.
on the upside... the "bumping uglies" part last for 3 non-stop days (or as we call it in Denmark... the weekend)
let me know when your free!!!

Blogger Leigh said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the over thirty club!

Blogger Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Sexy

Blogger Thomcat said...

30 is awesome!

happy belated birthday sweeetie!

miss you

Blogger murphy said...

k.. so I drove to Frankfort.. looked for the parade and banners.. but saw nothing..

happy b-day regardless

Blogger Miss Innocent said...

*clapping hands in giddy, childlike manner...

Thanks for all the birthday love you guys...and Romes, I am free whenever, wherever~ In fact I am planning to be in Pennsylvania for Labor Day,so start planning my birthday weekend, ok?!

Ian, love to you too!

Buttah, I am honored!

Stripperguy...DAMN! You missed a hellua good time!

Thomcat~ Miss you too babe, more than ya' know! (siiigh)

Leigh~ Thanks, and be sure to drop by anytime!

Kris~ mad love for you as always!

Murph~ They had to cancel the parade on account of it's apparently illegal to drive a float if the girl on it is naked, AND you have been doing tequila shots! What can I say?! Damn rednecks!

*kisses to all!

Blogger Passionate Man said...

Happy Birthday, Miss!

Blogger Heather said...

Happy belated Birthday..


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