The Bitch is Back

Helllloooooooo Bloggers! Sorry for my rather extended absence, but sometimes life just happens and you have no time for blogging. I have missed all of you and have lots to tell, but you know me, I am not about to spill all at once! (Gotta keep a few things held back for those days when I have total brain drain and cannot think of a single thing to talk about.)
Suffice it to say that I am alive, all is well, and I have an amazing man in my life. Sorry to disappoint, but he will NOT be discussed here except in the most general of terms...As a matter of respect I will be keeping his identity to myself and will also be keeping the majority of our private life together...well, private. I hope you all can understand! I will gleefully let all of you know that I would have been blogging much sooner, but when you can't movethinkspeakwalk that becomes rather complicated. I am only here now because there has been a pause in the "ravishing" and I can manage to form a somewhat coherent thought. It also helps that my fingers are not occupied, thereby allowing me to type!
I am still living here in Frankfort, working as a bartender at one of our fine establishments, and being a Mom. Besides that and the man things are pretty damn normal. The biggest thing going on is that I am contemplating a move to Las Vegas toward the beginning of 2007. There is just way more opportunity there, and I need a bigger city with more activity. Comments? Suggestions? Let me know~ You all know how much I value your opinions! (LMAO)
Until next time, be safe and keep bloggin'...I miss you all!


Blogger Kristen said...

Well holy hell...........

Blogger snavy said...

Damn girl!!!!


Blogger Thomcat said...

Holy fucknuts Miss!!!

I'm sooo glad you is back!

Blogger Miss Innocent said...

*wipes away a tear...

Love to all of you as well, it's good to be back!


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