It's Monday and I am feeling rather melancholy in addition to being sick. Fall always has the same effect on me. While I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and the smell of woodsmoke that hangs faintly in the air I cannot help but being a bit sad as well.
Fall is always that time when I tend to look back over the last several months and brood about things. Right now I am brooding over the turn my life has taken, and the fact that I am so completely dissatisfied with where I am.
I have always been an impulsive person by nature, and that does not always serve me well. In fact, the only good that I can say has come out of my choices the last few months is this relationship I have with my guy. He is wonderful, and amazing, and talented, and makes me extremely happy...Which is exactly why I refuse to label what he and I have, or to talk about it too much. But honestly, other than him there has not been a lot of positivity. I know that is due to MY choices, and the decisions I have made,or in some cases, refused to make...But all the same I just cannot seem to get my ass into high gear and get shit taken care of like I know I should.
The biggest issue right now is employment. I need a JOB...But I am also very serious about moving to Vegas so that limits the types of positions I can comfortably accept. The bigger problem is that those positions are the ones that PAY. While I can go flip burgers for a few months and feel productive I will not be making the kind of money I need- not to mention that my brain would likely atrophy in the process. So rather than make that move I just make NO move at all; which in turn compounds the problem. See what I mean?! I am a total mess here!
So, fellow bloggers, I need you all to fill my comment box with insight and advice in hopes that I might brigten up and get something accomplished here.
I promise to actually listen to you too...which should tell all of you how miserable I truly am right now. (LOL)
In the meantime try to have a Happy Monday,if such


Blogger sullen girl said...

"Right now I am brooding over the turn my life has taken, and the fact that I am so completely dissatisfied with where I am."

Are we sharing the same brain??? My thoughts EXACTLY... sigh... I'm so ho-hum lately that I am the last person to offer you advice on what direction to take. Our house is on the market and we're moving back to Tennessee as soon as it sells...but who knows if that will really be the fix we need. We hate where we are... we hate the stress... we hate having family too close.... we hate all the issues that have blown up since we moved here... we hate our neighbors... we hate the weather... we hate my health... we hate our jobs... *grumble* we just HATE...

Mmkay... not the uplifting advice you were hoping for, I'm sure ;) Well, if you figure out anything - please share with me. In the meantime I'll sit next to you on your seat and see what everyone else has to say ;)

Glad to have you back... I've missed you big time ;x And glad to hear things are still moving right along with Mr. Man :) I'm so happy to see you so happy :) :)

*wet kisses*

Blogger Miss Innocent said...

You always say the right thing...How the hell do you manage to do that?!

Sit next tomy seat anytime girl, you know you are always welcome, and that I am always glad to hear from you.

I was hoping that your house had sold already, but no such luck...After all, if you move soon I can come see you in your new digs in TN before I move far, far away from you. (Why is it the people I give a rats ass about are all spread around, and most of them are too far away to see?! Add that to the list of things that suck, would ya'?!)

Yeah...the man is pretty damn special, wonder how long it'll take me to fuck it up? J/K...I am making sure I handle this the RIGHT way for once, which is to say I am not "handling" it at all. It's weird how much more you get from any relationship when you just let it happen. I AM happy...thanks for noticing, and for sharing in the joy!


Blogger TequilaGuy said...

My head is totally fucked right now ... sorry, I can't be of any help!

Glad you're back!!

Blogger Kristen said...

Got nothing on this one, sorry chica

Blogger Miss Innocent said...


Guess it's the thought that counts...Thanks for caring enough to read and reply guys!


Blogger Pleasingwomen said...

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Blogger RobynB said...

I'm so glad you're back!

Hope today is a better day for you.


Blogger snavy said...

I need to get a job also for basically the same reason except, I don't want to move to Vegas, I want to move back home. I haven't worked for 9 years so my options are limeted too. I'm thinking retail or waitressing for now and an office job I am over qualified for in the fall when all my kids are in school full time. It will only be mother's hours but it sure will help us reach our goal.

So, why don't you get a job there and make some money then move to Vegas with a little nest egg to make looking for a new job out there a little less stressful.

If you want to talk, you have my email.



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