The 'Demise' of KJ's World

As many of you may have noticed KJ's World is no longer in existence. I know this is a fact that saddens and confuses those of you who have come to know and love Kristen, and I know she misses all of you as well. However, the reasons she has left blogworld have me so pissed I can hardly see straight~ and I am sure you all will feel as I do when you hear the story behind her departure.

Kristen arrived home this evening to find a typed letter bearing the signature "Anonymous." There was no return address on this letter, and since she is not listed ANYWHERE she is still puzzled as to who knows her well enough to not only hate her, but to have her address as well. The content of the letter was intimidating and threatening. The author advised Kris that if she continued to blog while at work then he/she would do whatever it took to have Kristen fired. The author further went on to say that unless Kris stopped blogging copies of her blog would be printed out and mailed to members of her family as well as to the school her sons attend. Needless to say Kristen decided that this Anon. Asshole should be taken somewhat seriously so she decided to trash her entire blog to protect her kids, although there is NOTHING on her blog to be embarrassed about.
Not only did this individual continually harass Kris on her blog, he/she has now taken that negativity outside of blogworld and intruded upon Kristen's REAL world. WTF?! Her children are the most important thing in her life, and she is a wonderful mother~ I fail to see why the school would give a flying fuck about what she discusses in blog world. She does not endanger her kids in any way thru her blog, she is not an alcoholic, a drug addict, or an abuser. All she is is a woman who was trying to finally get off her chest the things she has been dealing with for so many years, and if she wants to blog about HER life experiences who the fuck does that hurt? She never mentions names of those people that made life difficult for her; Hell, she never mentions her children's names either! I am saddened that whoever Anon. is he/she has so little to do in their own life that they felt it was appropriate to intentionally set out to hurt someone who has come as far, and is as loving as Kristen. Having said that I have a few words for Anon. Myself...And you know what? I even fixed the comments section so the asshole can continue to hide by commenting the way he/she is most comfortable...Anonymously!

Anon~ I hope you read this you fuckhead! You are a low class piece of shit and you can feel free to print this blog and send it to who the fuck ever you want. Unlike Kristen I have no reason to fear small minded people who derive pleasure from forcing thier misery upon an individual; especially if it is done by an individual who is too chickenshit to identify themselves. If you have something to say, let's hear it! Tell us WHO you are, WHY you feel like it is okay to harass, intimidate, and ridicule someone for speaking out and being themselves, and more importantly to me, WHY you feel like bringing Kris' sons into this matter does anything but prove how ridiculous and vengeful you are. To me this whole thing reeks of your own personal insecurities and jealousy. How dare you force someone to bend to your will merely because you don't like them or agree with their life! I sincerely hope you are not a parent, because I have found that small minded people like you tend to raise children who are equally evil, petty and insecure~ and no child should be raised in that type of atmosphere! I do hope you are pleased with yourself; I hope you feel powerful and smart; but mostly I hope you have the balls to stop hiding and let the world know who you are. After all, if you have no secrets, no skeletons in YOUR closet, nothing YOU have ever done that other people might not like, then why not give us all a name?! I have a feeling you are too fucking afraid of what people do know about YOU and would have to say about YOUR past to stop hiding. If you want to play games Anon then there are several daycare providers around here that would be more than happy to accommodate another child such as you. In the meantime, leave Kristen and her family alone, get the fuck out of blogworld, and go be the miserable, manipulative, petty individual you are without dragging anyone else into your personal brand of insanity! I can assure you; no one will miss you around here.

Kristen, like I told you last night...Harassment is against the law, call the police and file a report! Additionally, do NOT let this dipshit make you doubt yourself; you are an incredible woman and we all know that to be fact. I am always here if you need to lean on someone, and until you get the computer at home and can return to blogworld...feel free to use the comments here to stay in touch! We all love you and support you, and when we find Anon...Let's just say it will be one helluva interesting time! I love you girl, and you ARE missed!

Just FYI...in case Anon is lurking or anyone else is interested:
**KRS 525.080 Harassing Communications**
(1) A person is guilty of harassing communications when with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person he:

(a) Communicates with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, telegraph, mail or any other form of written communication in a manner which causes annoyance or alarm and serves no purpose of legitimate communication; or
(b) Makes a telephone call, whether or not conversation ensues, with no purpose of legitimate communication.

(2) Harassing communications is a Class B misdemeanor.


Happy Birthday to ME!

I am now officially 30...and it's not as bad as I anticipated! Last night I hung out with some of my guys, got a little tipsy, watched some movies, and just enjoyed being ME. Tonight I am headed out to The Brick Alley to get shitfaced with my nearest and dearest...all while praying there is no camera to capture whatever insanity I get myself into! Thanks for the birthday love from those of you who have called, or sent email, or e-cards; it means a lot to be remembered and it was a great way to start the day! I am headed out now to have lunch with the one man who always loves me, and is always guaranteed to brighten my day...My son! Talk to you all later, have a birthday shot for me~k?!


P.S. Happy Birthday to YOU as well, Mr. P!