Great, if you are reading this that means you noticed the title and decided to read on. Normally I avoid political commentary in this forum, but today I am so pissed I just had to vent! As I was having a VERY early morning cuppa joe I scanned the Lexington Herald Leader. I was appalled to read an article by Ryan Lenz, a reporter for The Associated Press, discussing a group of individuals who protest outside of military funerals.
It seems that the Rev. Fred Phelps, founder of a fundamentalist church based in Topeka, Kansas has a problem with the Iraq War. That I can understand, a lot of us disagree for whatever reasons on the fact that the US is in Iraq at all. The Reverend (and I use that term with disgust) feels that the men and women who are dying in Iraq are being killed by a vengeful God who is angry that our country "harbors" homosexuals. He and his gang of kooks and crazies have taken to demonstrating outside of the Ft. Campbell military post, a base that has been one of the hardest hit since the Iraq war began. Ft. Campbell is the home to the 101st Airborne Divison, a group I am proud to say I have friends in myself. Carrying signs that say things such as, "Thank God for IED's," and "God's Will Be Done" these fanatics harass and ridicule family members and friends of those soldiers who have died in combat. Now, whether you agree or disagree with the war, I do not think any sane person has a right to condemn the very people whose service and dedication to the cause of freedom guarantees your right to free ideas in the first place.
(Side Note: For those of you out of state, I have seen Rev. Phelps up close and personal on more than one occasion. About 2 years ago he decided to bring himself and about 20 of his followers into Lexington, KY. They were there to protest the baptism of 5 babies born to a gay couple through the use of a surrogate mother. The Rev. Phelps was certain all of these children, as well as the two men who were their parents and the woman who gave them life, would burn in Hell. I attended 2 separate rallies in support of these fine gentlemen, as did over 500 other supporters. Rev. Phelps stomped around, damning us all, and insisted HE knew what God wanted, and that we would all be struck down for allowing these children to be baptized. I have never in my life been as angry as I was watching this man. I truly believe he is a modern day Hitler who, with the right backing would attempt to rid the US and then the world of anyone he doesn't think deserves to be here. This man is unfortunately has within his rights as an American citizen to protest as he sees fit. However I find him to be narrow minded, rude, obscene, and generally nauseating.)
A US based group of former Veterans of Foreign Wars calling themselves "Patriot Guard Riders" has decided to stand up to the Rev. Phelps on behalf of all US Service Members and their families. Waving American flags, chanting, " U-S-A, U-S-A," the Patriot Guard Riders attend the funerals of those who have died in combat at the request of the deceased's families. Their only objective is to provide support for those who are grieving, and to celebrate the fact that the deceased is an American Servicemember who died honorably while acting in the call of duty, and who deserves recognition and gratitude. Patriot Guard Riders currently has more then 5,000 members and is instrumental in helping to heal the wounds created by the fanatical Rev. Phelps and Company. They should be recognized for their compassion, and for their respect.
As for Reverend Phelps...Any one who wants to buy this piss poor example of a human being a private island so he can get the hell out of the USA be my guest! I have family and numerous friends who are in the Armed Services, and many of them are in Iraq at this moment. I hope his God will help Reverend Phelps if I have to have the misfortune of coming into contact with him...he doesn't deserve to live, and although I would never take a human life I would love to see him suffer. Preferably in the same manner he has made so many people in this country suffer by his mere existence. People like the Reverend Phelps lack the very thing that has made America so strong, and so proud; He lacks honor, and that is unforgivable in any one who wishes to call themselves an American and enjoy the freedom and prosperity that has been granted us solely by the willingness of our service men and women to fight for this country. If God is in fact omnipresent I am sure HE is taking copious notes on Reverend Phelps, adn I can only hope that he spends his eternity in the worst kind of hell imaginable.

To All of my friends who are serving overseas and stateside: ( Gary, Tiffany, Megan, Rob, Chris, Caleb, Amy and Stace) I know you cannot comment (firewalls...I get it already!) but I want you each to know that I am always here for you and you are in my thoughts each and every day. May you stay safe and return home soon...God Bless America and God Bless You!

http://patriotguard.org Check them out and let them know their work is appreciated!

http://herald-leader.com Original article



So...I know I said I was going to go home and sleep last night, but my sister Beth insisted I keep her company at "The Dragon"- a popular pub here in Frankfort. I haven't been OUT with the gang since I moved back here, so although I really didn't want to go out I acquiesced. After receiving some long-distance love from a couple of my favorite bloggers-You know who you are, so names aren't necessary- I got down to partying. Beers 2-5 we bought for me by my friend Ben, who also provided some much needed lip action. Shots number 1-3 were provided by my buddy Nate who I had managed to lose somehow over the last 3 years I lived in Lexington. After that the rest is fuzzy, but I know Jeff hooked me up too somewhere in there! There was some wagering for high stakes going on at the pool tables, a whole hoard of hotties, and in the midst of it all were Coacharob and yours truly. A perfect night! I do so love to have hot men spoiling me!
I also ran into my pal Christopher. Chris is in a band called "Velvet X". They will be playing in Frankfort and Lexington this weekend and next weekend. See the info at the bottom of the post to find out where and when and then get your ass there.
Re: The upcoming pimp and ho's party...I need a costume! Any suggestions? And for you locals- I had better see you at The Dragon on Friday the 24th for the festivities! I promise pictures for the insanity will be posted at a later date.
Special shout outs to the following: LB, Bo, Jason G., Christopher, Nate, Jeff, John, Eric, Sue, Ben, Zane (whoever you are-wherever you went....U were HAWT!) and my pal InZen who was nice enough to talk to my drunk ass for awhile last night. I love you buddy!

Velvet X Band:
02/17- The Dragon
02/18- The Brick Alley
02/25- High Life Lounge--Lexington

Come show the local boys you love them and rock your ass off!

Have a Grrrreat Weekend!


I am sick again today. Fever, chills, sneezing and a stuffy nose. Despite all of this I have a smile on my face! I left the office earlier than normal last night and went home to get some much needed sleep. I popped my rather lovely self into a steaming hot bubble bath, drank some green tea and snuggled into the loving embrace of my electric blanket. I had been asleep about an hour when my phone rang. Weary, but curious, I snagged the phone from the nightstand and was tickled to see my caller was no other than InZen! I answered and was amused to find myself turning pink at the sound of his VERY sexy voice. Zen and I spent the next 2 hours talking about politics, religion, and my EX among other varied and interesting topics. He made me laugh and made me long. I think I really may need to get my ass to Ann Arbor soon to meet him! The conversation ended only because his cell battery went dead! :( I drug my sniffling, stuffy headed self back to the bed, but was not able to sleep until I called and left him a voicemail message. Did you get it Zen?! Anyway, I am in a good mood even though I feel like shit on the bottom of a shoe...and it is all thanks to the healing voice of Zen! Thanks for the love sugar, and let's talk again soon, ok? I do love a man with a sexy voice and something worthwhile to say! Kisses and Hugs to you-I hope you have a great day!


Drum Roll Please?!!!

Ok, so I am posting this one a little early as well, but people were so nice to me I figured I'd go ahead and do this so I could sleep a little later instead of rushing in tomorrow morning to get this up for HNT. Again, this shot was set up by yours truly and snapped by Coacharob in her bedroom Sunday night. How did I happen to be in her bedroom on a Sunday night you ask? Well....the story goes something like this.
One of my chatty pals and I talk somewhat frequently, he has been kind enough to send me some HAWT pics so that I could let this imagination of mine take a little break. Sunday it was payback time. After almost 2 weeks of promising pictures it was time to make good. I called up the Coach and informed her, (notice I say informed, she didn't have much choice but to do this for me) that not only did I need some better pics I needed HNT quality shots! To top it off they had to be taken, edited if needed and sent in 30 minutes time. Being the pal she is the Coach undertook this task despite really not wanting to see me naked, or half nekkid as the case may be. We staged some shots, snapped off the lights and went to work. What you see here is the untouched finished product. My chatty pal claims to be happy with the results but I think he is just being nice. The point is I kept my end of the deal, and now we are even! As far as next week's HNT? Goose has a bet to handle, let's see if he comes through! If he doesn't don't panic...Q can take some shots for me to share! Kisses to all, and HAPPY HNT!

I know it's only Wednesday, but...

I know it isn't time for HNT yet, but I couldn't take it any longer! Coacharob took this shot of me Sunday night amid much protest (on her part) and laughter (on mine). Taking into consideration she is NOT a photographer I think she did a splendid job! When viewing this please remember that I have lost almost 30 pound since last October alone, so I am kind of shy about how I look right now even though it is a major improvement of what I looked like then. Truth be told I despise being photographed and avoid it every chance I get, but this was different. This was "artsy" and I could at least try to look cute rather than getting caught with a mouth full of food or some other such nonsense. And I think it turned out rather well in fact. If you are all very nice to me I may suck up my fear of photos and post a much better HNT...then again I may not. So, enjoy the pic and be gentle if you don't mind...I am feeling rather fragile today as it is!

come on, you know you wanna click it...

It's Wednesday-and I have a cold...*sniff*

Hey folks! I have some stuff weighing on me today, so I thought I would take this opportunity to unload a little. Last night, as I was hanging out with Coacharob and getting caught up on TiVO (LOST, ER and American Idol), enjoying some much needed unwinding time, and having fun just being a lazy bum, when the Ex LTR called me. Now, we had a talk earlier in the day that resulted in my crying and hanging up on him. At first I wasn't going to take this call, but I thought maybe he was going to apologize for his earlier hurtful behavior. I should have known better, after all we were together for 3 years and infatuated with one another for 15. He immediately launched into me, and got loud. There was nothing to say that had not been said a thousand times before so it wasn't as if he had some amazing new insight to share with me! Basically it boils down to this; There were some financial issues which are all my fault, He is glad I am gone, He never loved me anyway-I was just better than being alone, and I need to get my shit out of his house pronto! Now after spending three years of my life with this man I once admired and adored this is some painful shit to hear. But I held it together, didn't lose my cool, stood firm and hung up on him again. Then I fell apart and cried my little heart out. The coach was there for me, as she always is, to offer support and words of encouragement. I guess what sucks the most is that I really thought he and I could be friends, and now I have lost that as well. I went to check my IM and found that J. was waiting to talk. He explained to me that men like to make women feel bad because it is easier than saying, "Sorry." He and I talked for a bit and he managed to cheer me up, as he usually does. I went home, crashed out, and woke up feeling pretty good, until last night came back to me again. I just don't get why things have to be so complicated where the ex-LTR is concerned! I was ready to spend the rest of my life with him, and now we cannot stand one another. How does that happen so fast?! And why does it have to happen at all? I just don't understand it. Feedback, especially from my guys outh there would be nice, especially if you have an explaination.

On a different topic, thanks again to all of you who made VDay better with cards, or funny things to say. I needed that! And to my chat pal who has a loved one in surgery today...I Love Ya' and my thoughts are with you; if you need ANYTHING let me know.


Love from DA BOYZ

Awww, sheesh guys- you didn't have to send the e-cards and messages, but I LOVE THEM! Tequila Guy...My hive is buzzin' now, and "Yes" I will drink with you! InZen...While you were in a meeting, huh? You HAVE to control that, but call me later and I will take care of it for you! Ari...Kisses back at u sugar, you know where to find me! To my MIA list...J, Q, Seedy, Goose, etc-WTF?! No love, huh? That's ok...I have VERY special plans for each of you and they don't involve cards or flowery notes either! ;) Much love to my gang of merry men, You know I love everyone of you...Just not all at once and NEVER on the same night! After all I am just not THAT kind of girl..hehe!
"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." -Jane Howard

Thanks to all of you out there who make me laugh, make me sigh, and make me crazy! I love you all and hope you have a very special day today! You guys are my own little "cyber-family"!



RE: Tomorrow's Corporate Holiday

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I thought I would share some of the very best non -traditional gifts I have ever recieved. Not all of them made my heart melt, or my pulse race mind you but they were creative in their own right. And they showed me that the giver really understood me, and that's not easy! So here goes, and share some of your best gifts with me in the comments section as well-k?
1. A vase of hand picked rocks and shells (*sigh* that one got to me, I still have it in fact)
2. A handcrafted necklace on a gold chain.
3. Coupons to Wendy's. (I sooo adore my Wendy's burgers)
4. A potted violet he grew himself. (But I killed it)
5. A "secret box" with the key to his heart inside. (I still have the box, lost the key!)
6. A collection of love letters his parents had sent one another (Never did figure out that one.)
7. A CD of all my favorite (cheezy) Top 40 picks.
8. A handmade card and a bag of skittles
9. Asti Spumante and Chambord
10. Hot, very dirrrrty sex! (Then he ran me a bubble bath and left me alone!)


reasons we all should love Thomcat (and do!)

Hehe, I have an eeeevil streak in me today, so I thought I'd further embarrass my Blog God, Thom! Here are 5 of the top reasons I love Thom-which also happen to be the top 5 reasons you should love him too!
1. He makes me wiggle in my desk chair when I read his blog!
2. Sarcasm anyone?
3. My clients think I am crazy 'cause I spend all day laughing insanely.
4. He fixed this POS Blog of mine so now it looks cool.
5. Ummmm...well, he's FRIGGIN' HOT!
There's more I could say but by now he is probably 15 shades of red and pink...so I think I'll stop here! Happy Sunday Thom dearest...Luv U!

Reasons I Love My Computer

Ahhh, I am so in love with my computer! It keeps me warm on cold nights, keeps me company when I am having my monthly, Provides me with laughter and wit.... I love my computer because aside from the occassional freeze up it: doesn't give me any shit, keeps right on no matter how hard I work it, and always has good manners. It aploogizes to me when it does something dumb, phrases questions perfectly, and is always nice enough not to ask me stuff I would rather not answer. However there are a few people out there who make my computer even more special...they are the best of the best, and the reason my sorry ass is here at almost 6am on a Sunday. In no particular order, here they are!

InZen (Meow.....Thanks for Saturday night/Sunday Morning...love the voice)
J. (Wherefore Art Thou?!)
Thomcat (U R A God...and I believe I have brown on my nose!)
Coacharob (Always there to make me cool off the hot pants!)
Everything Nice (Name says it all..and SMART too!)
Bethany (Mad love for you sis!)
Tequila Guy (My Cyber-crush! *kisses*)
Big D (You should just Kill Mongoose ya' know....)
Lime (Made me pee when I read the sick kid post!)
Snavy (Goddamnit I said Sharks are fine, but Turtles would have been nice too!)
Logo (U are a total nut job, that's why I love you!)
Bsoholic (The story is awesome....I am a faithful reader now!)

And FYI there is a quiz somewhere down below...Take It and Have Happy Monday!