Women, Music, Friends and More

Ok, ok I told you all that I would get to this today, so here you are. Let me just say that last night was a BLAST! Of course, that could be the residual effects of 12 shots of tequila and 8 beers talking, but I don't think so. The gang and I had a hella good time, and now I can show you guys what The Dragon looks like and you (hopefully) can get a feel for life here in Frankfort. Let me say that I was super freakin' excited (and tickled beyond words) when my pal Gary showed up COMPLETELY unexpectedly. Those of you that know me know that Gary (or Arnie as I call him) is in the Air Force and just returned from his second tour in Iraq. I haven't seen him in over a year and I missed the little fucker like crazy! I thought he was going to be in next month, but he showed up with his buddy Daniel after driving from Georgia last night! The bad thing is I had killed the batteries in the camera by then and didn't get a single shot to share...so the one of him is one he sent to me. Special thanks to Coacharob for letting me take her "baby" (The Cannon Powershot) out last night. This would not have happened without her! I had a great time playing with the camera and some of these shots are not your average bar pics...Hope you enjoy them. Now, On with the Show

The Dragon

The Dart Room

The cool stairwell

Coach, Regina, KJ, Beth, and Moi

The Lizard Queen makes a rare visit to Frankfort! (Love Ya' Liz!)

Local Photographer, and my favorite Ex...Jason Geis

Coacharob...Whoopin' Ass and Taking names! (Can u say, "Pool Shark"?)

Willie (my tattoo artist and neighbor) and his killer wife, Laura!

Davey Fallis rocks out! (The Tallboys are GREAT!)

A better shot of Davey doing his thing.

Lookin downstairs at my poor friend Jeremy...he had to work the door.

Jeremy finally realized I had a camera pointed at him!

This is Ray...I wanted to show his tats but he wouldn't cooperate!

Kevin came down from Louisville!

Jeff bought me shots all night...I blame anything dumb I did on him!

Awwwww...it's L.B.!

A very drunken Miss Innocent herself!

My girl...Joey, she is even shorter than me!

Really sweet "Random Guy" and Jason G.

Regina and Josh have a silly moment!

Laura and Willie sharing a laugh!

Miss Innocent and Kristen show their assets off!

My sister says she has no boobs, I disagree- U look HOT Beth!

Dawn, Frankfort's finest Barmaid/Waitress~She is the SHIT!

A total Kristen moment...she's going to kill me for posting this! LOL

Ray gets some loving before heading out for the night.

And finally....The picture of my buddy, my pal, my friend...Arnie!

Awww....he's such a babe...and look at the fuckin' awesome tats!

So, That's how we roll here in the 'Fort...now I am going to get some fucking sleep!

Love to all my Frankfort Crew ...and to those friends of mine who weren't pictured here...Sorry, not all the shots were blog worthy- it's nothing personal- K?


Finally, FFF is here!

Happy Fun Fuckin' Friday folks! Today is going to be a short post as I am hung over and suffering from hallucinations caused by a lack of restful sleep! (I started celebrating FFF at about 10pm last night...OY!) Tonight I am going to go out and hit the local bar scene with my fellow Frankfort Bloggers and some other random yet equally important people. For those of you who don't know...TallBoys will be playing, which means I get to see my babe Davey Fallis!! We should have fun getting our groove on...someone PLEASE bring a camera, k?
So, last night I drug my roomie (and bestest gal pal) Coacharob out to the bars. The Dragon was dead....so we headed over to The Brick Alley. The Coach whooped some ass at pool while I sucked down beers and shots and flirted my ass off! I got to see some folks I haven't seen in years, got a bit too drunk, and then hung out talking and shit until 4:30am. Nights like last night remind me of how much I missed Frankfort...and my "band of misfit friends!" To Willie, Ray, Carlos, Dink, Bo, Joey P., et.al---Glad to be home guys and gals...I was away from you all for far too long, and I cannot begin to tell you all how great it is to be in your lives again and to have you all in mine!
(Ok, Sappy moment is over...now I have to crash before I hurt myself stumbling around here.)

See you guys at The Dragon about 8...?


WITH LOVE TO Everything Nice, Sullen, Madame X....

This is the first and probably last time I will ever dedicate an HNT to anybody, but the aforementioned ladies have been sooo sweet this week I figured I'd throw them a bone. This shot is not artsy, it's horribly lit, and I cannot claim to be proud of it; However, Emma did want to see my hair, Madame just wanted to see whatever, and Sullen...well, that girl can see whatever she wants whenever she wants! (Get in the car and drive already....it's not that far!)
After the amazing amount of sexual tension that has been running thru Blogworld the last couple of days (I blame most of that on Emma and The Rev.) I almost didn't post this week....Then I sent this pic to a special Cat in Seattle and he said it was sexy so I figured," What th
e Hell," and decided to run with it.
To ALL my guys out there; This one should shut you up as well, and if you ask me real nice I may try to do better next week! Depends on who I can find with a camera, a good eye, and some free time--this self timer shit is for the birds! Maybe Romey is free, or The Rev....
Keep in mind this was taken so I could show my "untameable" hair...which is red/gold (but the pic didn't show the color so well), and to give everyone an eyeful of my tattoos and my lovely backside. I cropped the pic so my ass didn't show, sorry about that...I have to have some surprises after all! Anyway, mad love to not just my girls, but to all of you out there who cared enough to visit here today...Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday...I'll be cumming to see your pics soon!
come on, you know you wanna click it...
That's right baby...Click it Hard!
MMMM, Just like that!


WTF?!? Oh, It's Just Wednesday!

WTF?!? It's Wednesday and I have nothing...Absolutely NOTHING! I spent last night engaged in various activities including but not limited to: Cooking dinner, returning calls, getting some, my HNT pic, and watching American Idol. I think I am now experiencing burn out 'cause my brain is NOT functioning at maximum capacity!
So, I thought I would kinda sorta cheat today and offer up some things that make me go...WTF?!
I never promised to be entertaining, now did I?! So, without further commentary here goes....

1. Why do old people always buy the biggest possible car?
2. Why don't I ever tan evenly in the tanning bed? (Yes, I flip...sheesh!)
3. Drug dealers spend more time in prison (on average) than child molesters.
4. Mapquest ALWAYS gets me lost somehow.
5. I am going to be 30 in 34 days.
6. Why must Seattle be so far away?!
7. My son has three girlfriends. (Pray for me people, this is just the beginning!)
8. More women than men think I am hawt.
9. There are only two pairs of size 6 shoes in any given shipment of a particular style.
10. Romey has an obsession with Brittney Spears.
11. What government agency thinks signs like this will be taken seriously?===>
12. My tax dollars paid for that stupid sign?!!!?


Happy Freakin' Wednesday....


My ideal mate...
Looks good but is dumb
Looks great but is dumb
Looks great and has an amazing brain
Can balance a can of beer on his/her head
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Good, Bad or Both?

While having a discussion with a friend of mine I started to wonder what EXACTLY makes a good girl "good" and a bad girl "bad." Are the definitions fairly specific, or is it all a matter of perception? To me a girl can be both good and bad. For example I am a good girl who likes to be bad when it is appropriate. I try my best to be the kind of person who is loyal, honest, giving and supportive. I hate to hurt anyone unless it is absolutely necessary to protect myself. Conversely, I like being a bad girl...The kind of girl who can make your head spin with a well timed phrase or a single well placed touch. I think I am a perfect balance of both worlds, but I was more than curious as to what my guys would have to say about the concept of good/bad; so I asked them for their feedback.
It seems most men believe in the concept of good girl/bad girl, but there are some interesting definitions as to what that is. One of my guys pointed out to me that a "good girl is all about perception, a bad girl just tells you how it is." I have to admit he has a point, most of the so-called bad girls I know have no trouble whatsoever laying it all out there with a "devil may care" kind of attitude. However, the "good girls" I know are more likely to worry about what someone will think of them and they do whatever they think is needed in order to been seen as paragons of virtue.
One of my guys also pointed out that he doesn't think there is a "grey area" in the good/bad category. He feels pretty strongly that you are either one or the other at heart and that is that. While I may not agree with his take on the situation I respect this because I have known some girls who were solely good or bad. In fact I have known many girls who were just plain out evil. While I can recognize that this type of bad girl exists I think she is a different type of bad girl from the ones I am discussing here. This kind of bad girl is out for blood because she has a deep hatred for herself, men, women or all of them as a whole. In the end this kind of bad girl just winds up hurting herself because she can never escape the misery she continually creates for herself. And on behalf of all of us women who are NOT psychotic and think it is totally wrong to stalk you or "boil your bunny" I apologize to those men who have had the misfortune of encountering one of these kinds of bad girls. They give all women a bad name, and we don't like them anymore than you do!
Ok, I am done with that little rant, so I should get back to my point here. I was also sent a definition that reflects my opinion that a girl can be both good and bad. It seems a good/bad combo can exist, and it is something like this: A good girl can be proper and perfect in public, but then she becomes a bad girl when you are alone with her and she is whispering dirty things in your ear. That's what I am talking about...A good girl with a wild side!
There were also a couple of traditionalists who pointed out that a good girl is who you marry, a bad girl is who you fuck hard. Now that throws me a bit because if a good girl is that good how much fun can she be to spend the rest of your life with...? Don't men typically want a woman they can take home to Mom AND fuck hard later?! Maybe I am just confused.... Please clarify this for me fellas!
I am neither an Angel nor a Devil, I am simply me- but I still wonder if there is a category for girls who are both. That is a question I have not been able to answer to my satisfaction. All I know for sure now is that Good Girls and Bad Girls do exist, and that most men aren't that picky about which one they go for as long as she is NOT psycho! Let me know how you define the two groups, and is there a grey area? My inquiring mind needs to know!


Monday Fun

I am back!!! Aren't you thrilled? Things are still a bit hectic, but I have had some time to decompress so I am ready to rock and roll again! In honor of Monday, I thought I would play a little game. This is not an unfamilair game on it's face, but I have made some changes of my own. So, pay close attention to the rules and have fun!

You are stranded on a desert island, and you have 5 things in your possession. WHAT 5 THINGS MUST YOU HAVE AND WHY? Now, here is the twist...as each person comments they have to name 4 things of their own, and find a new use for one of the items previously mentioned.

Miss sez: I would take a book so I have something to distract me.
Commenter Sez: I would take the book from Miss so I can use the paper to start a fire. And I would take...list your 4 items and their uses.

And so on and so forth.
Use your imagination and be creative!


STOLI VODKA: For wound disinfection and to drink when I realize how bad being stuck on this island is!
USMC COMBAT KNIFE: This freaking knife is awesome, it cuts thru anything and I can use it for hunting, shelter building, and even for entertainment!
iPOD: Ok, so I know it isn't going to be of much use, but I gotta have music in my life, and it will help keep me from making a coconut or something like it my best friend!
OFF! INSECT REPELLANT: I think this is self explainatory folks! I have no desire to be eaten alive by stinging, biting bugs!
BIG ASS BALL OF TWINE: The ultimate since I don't think I would be so good at making my own "string." I can use this for many things, including shelter building, fire building, and to capture any edible animals I may find by making snares.