Hello...is there anybody out there?

So I have been gone from here for quite a while now, and am sorry for that. As usual, life has taken another series of turns that led me back to all of you. B. is no more...and surprisingly I am not all that torn up about it. In fact, I wish him and his all the best-and hope life is kind to him. Being the optimistic and sunny person I am I have managed to stay positive about the entire thing, fact is I took ONLY what I needed from that relationship when it ended and left the rest behind.
These days I am keeping company with a group of incredible musicians. They are a great group and have been so supportive of me as I begin a new relationship, prepare to move into a new home, and basically start my life all over. My love, gratitude, and one "big red towel" for Shaun (my girl!), Aric, Tyler, Shaun (my guy!), Lauren and all the rest of you. You are cooler than the other side of the pillow and I love you all!
Life is actually pretty damn amazing right now, and I am happier than I have been in a long, long time. Realizing that loving B. was intense, but superficial in a lot of ways has been a revelation that I am grateful to have had. The time spent with him put me in the place I am now, and the future has never looked as bright. I love my job! I am working as a bartender/server at another of our local bars. (The one I used to work at was involved in an arson this past spring and is still being renovated as a result.) The gang at The Dragon is awesome, and we have a great time...but I bust my ass when I am there because we stay packed. When I am not there I am working at a local "historic" diner, or handling catering and bartending duties for various private parties.
The new love interest is also DAMN amazing! That feeling I have been searching for (it's always in the back of my head) is hovering, and while I am scared shitless by the depth of emotion I am also more than willing to take this leap. If this guy is all I believe him to be then I will be not only very lucky, but blessed beyond definition or expectation. To bond with someone and to have that immediate, undeniable connection that I have with this guy is mind blowing. While I have never been one to believe in the over all concept of "in love" (see previous posts) or of soul-mates I find myself using those terms with greater frequency. What will happen, and whether we are meant to be is something only time will tell. Again, I am optimistic and generally "over the moon!"
Have to dash off for now, and will return as soon as time allows...but I love and miss you all, and am looking forward to catching up!