Sheee's Baaaaaack!

Hello Again Everyone! I know it has been ages since I lasted posted, and I am hoping to find all of you in blogland that I have missed so much. Absence of internet access made it difficult to post for the longest time, but I have remedied that situation and am back to make your days a little less drear!

Things here in the Bluegrass State have been doing okay; not magnificent, but ok. Shaun (mentioned and seen in my last post) and I broke up almost a year ago, but we have been lucky enough to remain friends. He is an amazing man, and an even more amazing musician and I am proud to be in his life. Sadly though our timing wasn't the greatest and we "found" one another when we were both in very different places in our lives. Despite some rocky moments and bitter quarrels we managed to keep on loving one another--that's why we are still close even now. Sometimes things just don't work out like you planned; and no one is to blame...it's sucks, but it's life.

There is someone new in my life, and he's great! I am not going to say much about him in these postings because he's intensely private, but he knows who he is! He makes me laugh, let's me be who I am, and accepts my legions of faults. As if all that weren't enough he's also good looking, talented in his own right (he's a singer, writter and artist in his "free" time), and he's STABLE!! Whatever it is he and I share is something I am trying not to dwell on too much-lest I freak myself out and run away from him AND those feelings he creates in me-but I can say that days are less gloomy and nights filled with wonder whenever he is near. (Holy shit I sound like Hallmark or something; maybe he's addling my brain?!)

I have missed ALL of you so very much and think of you all frequently...I hope to get re-acquainted and that we can once again spend large amounts of time yakking back and forth, teasing, and generally stirring up shit!

So, PLEASE....Post a response and let me know ya'll are still out there!

*Kisses, Darling Dears!*

Miss Innocent