Thank God it's Friday! That means only 48 hours to go until I get to see J and find out if he's all he claims to be! I am taking off for the weekend, but I'll be back on Monday to fill you in! (Special shout out to a certain "Mr. Cat"-thanks for the smokin' hot pictures...don't worry, I'll keep them all to myself! ;) ) Talk at you guys on Monday.......

Miss (not so) Innocent


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who me...?

Nymphomaniac-adj.- from the latin words nymphae (inner lips of vulva) and mania. A woman possessing excessive sexual desire.

J. Returns!

Men...can't live with them, can't have phenomenal sex without them. (Unless you are into the same-sex thing, which I am obviously not.) So, J returns from the cosmos! Wanna know his excuse for leaving me high and not-so-dry the last couple of days? He was car shopping!!! Now, only men would find this a suitable excuse, but I forgive them their lack of judgment...I hear testosterone warps the brain so may be it's not entirely their fault! He IM'd me late last night and we chatted for a bit, got hot and bothered, then he left me so he could take a phone call! How's that for ya'?! He did redeem himself by chatting with me bright and early this afternoon....So I may have to put him back on the "Good Boy" list after all. Anyway, just wanted to let you know J's been found and things are moving along from there. Stay Tuned.......


How many different men can I have sex with on consecutive days before I am too slutty for even my own self? Let me know what you think the highest number I can go is!

soooo hot, soooo wet

Just a shout out to JG...thanks for last night! You rock my world, now let's get together and rock the bed a little!



"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"- Eleanor Roosevelt


Hey fellow bloggers! Check out Thom and his band of merry men (and women) at the following: http://thomsdesk.blogspot.com You won't regret it; Thom's site has it all- humor, sadness, sex, and great writing! Check it out and let Thom Cat know what you think!

Miss Innocent Sounds Off

For cryin' out f*ckin' loud!!!! Can someone please explain to me why it is that if u like sex, and are female you are labeled a whore? Big deal, I LIKE DICK!! I like everything about it. The smell, the various sizes, the shape. I like 'em big and small, soft and hard, wrinkled and smooth. I'm not picky as long as you know how to use it! (lol) But I hate, hate, hate those select few asshole out there who assume (incorrectly) that because I am sexually adventurous, and will speak my mind that I am a disease filled whore. Hey guys, move into the present century already...It's 2006, not 1906...and women like me are here to stay. If that scares you, run home and hide behind your mother's skirts...but don't knock me 'til you've tried me. Not that you'll ever get that lucky.

to my sister

I changed some info so that you could share this blog with all you know and love. Names have been deleted or abbreviated to protect the not-so-innocent!

Ruminating on JG

Sitting here chained to my pc
bound solely by the allure of your words.
U tell me your gonna
fuck me
suck me
ride me hard-
Make me scream
and beg for more-
tie me down
spank me
pull my hair
bite me
Make me forget just who I am
in those few seconds before I cum.

My only question is this-

More about JG

Hot hot hot!!!! I am back for the second time today 'cause I had to share with you more about JG. This guy is smokin' hot! He is gorgeous, and sexy, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on him. I have decided I am going to go meet him in a nearby city on Monday. He is coming to town for business, then we are gonna take care of some business of our own! If even half of what he has planned happens I have a feeling I may be walking funny for a few days afterwards! And if he tells me one more time about how he's gonna f*ck me from behind I may just melt into a puddle of goo right here at my desk!
So, okay-maybe all this does make me a little slutty...but why should that be anyone's business but mine? I am a grown woman, it's my body, and if I want a virtual stranger to f*ck the daylights outta me then that's my choice! Just so long as we are clear here....
I like sex, no I LOVE SEX, and I am not ashamed to be sexually agressive or to take what I want. If I feel like letting you have your way with me...Well, lucky you! Not everyone gets that opportunity. As for JG....he knows exactly what he'll be getting, and he knows I'm a little slutty. And you know what? That suits him just fine!

Miss Innocent's Wierd World: 01/01/2006 - 01/31/2006

Miss Innocent's Wierd World

February 01/2006
Trapped in the hell that is my office again-with only the computer to keep me warm. Spent some more time online last night and met a couple of interesting characters! First there was the Poet who does things with the printed word that should be illegal! After reading his latest works and chatting for a bit we moved on to some heavy-duty cellular sex. Whew...that was so not what I expected! As if that experience wasn't enough I just happened across another hottie, also a "J" but we can call him J.G.-he got me soooo worked up! This one wants to get together Monday-what's a girl to do?!
My other J-the subject of 01/31's post- vanished into the void yesterday.... I finally heard from him 2 day, it seems he got caught up and wasn't available to chat with me! His loss, right? 'Cause I am a fast learner and I am getting really good at this cyber sex stuff!!! In fact, I am getting sooo good I may have to quit this crappy job and get a new career! (lol)
I have come to the conclusion that while I want to be dominated in the bedroom I love the sense of power I get when I am chatting! I never was one for head games, but that's pretty much what cybering is-right? A head game of the highest order! I 'll be the first to admit though, the control is the biggest turn-on of all. Knowing that somewhere a guy is on the other side of a computer screen going bonkers over what you are typing...? C'mon ladies- you know as well as I do it doesn't get any better than that!
So, men of my world be warned!! I am here and my fingers are flying across the keyboard in search of a good time. And if I happen to come face to face with any of you one day...It's gonna be WILD!


Boredom creeps in

January 31,2006
I am sitting here in my so called office doing my so called job. Basically that means working on this post and staring out the window. I have some serious stuff on my mind though...
I have this fantastic boyfriend, he has been in my life since I was 9. We have been dating for 3 yrs. and lived together until a couple of months ago. He is pretty wonderful and I am probably lucky to have him but lately he bores me. It's not anyhting in particular...I just find myself more and more annoyed at the routine we always seem to follow. So I am thinking about him the other day, and about how bored I am and how stagnant our relationship has become and I say to myself, "self, u gotta do something here! U are not getting any younger and time is a wastin'!" So I set up an acct. on one of those singles websites.
---For those of you who have never logged on to a singles site...BEWARE, it is the black hole of dating. You will get sucked in and may not come out of it the same person at all!!-----
Within the first couple of hours I was chatting with all these hotties! But there was one guy in particular who really caught my eye. He knows who he is, but for you at home we'll call him J.
J. is soooo funny, and smart, and just really interesting. It became apparent rather quickly that we were gonna have lots of fun 2gether in the chat room! J. got me worked up like nobody had in a loooong time, and like no one ever has online! In fact, I hardly knew what to do with myself! My knees were rubber, my heart was racing, and I was sweating like a whore in church! I tell ya', that man knows how to turn a phrase-that's for sure!! So anyway, I log offline and head to Lexington to my boyfriend's for the weekend; only now my eyes were seeing things in a whole new light....
I spent the weekend trying to get J. off my mind, but he just wouldn't go away! (Maybe 'cause i didn't REALLY want him to.) So late Sunday I made up my mind that if J. and I got each other so worked up we should probably meet. Then Monday happened....
Jeez....Monday was a real eye opener for moi! After racing around to get pix taken so I could finally let J. see what I looked like we got down to some intense chat! Never in my life have I wanted something as much as I wanted him. He was soooo sexy, and he pushed ALL my buttons. I never knew I could have an orgasm without being touched, but J. managed to do it to me-in a big way!!! SO now we r planning to get 2gether this Sunday and have our fantasies realized!! My question for all you readers is this....
Am I a Whore 'cause I want to feel sexy, and wanted?
Let me know! More on this situation as it develops!

Miss Innocent