There are few places in Kentucky that I feel totally relaxed, and am able to just chill out and reflect on life. Whenever things get rough, or I just need to get out of the city I go back to my roots...which means I spend some time on the family farm. This property has been in my family for more than 200 years, and will one day pass to myself, my sister, and our cousins. I spent almost all of my free time from ages 5-15 here~and I admit that I love being a country girl at heart. I dom't know if it is merely the memories or the very spiritual connection I feel to the land here, but I am always at home when I visit. Since it is so important to me I thought I would share some pictures I took today. Happy Friday Y'All and have a great weeekend!

One of two natural waterfalls on our property.

Elkhorn creek...this is the first clear view of it as you drive back the farm road

John Deere tractor and a disc plow...this is our lower field

Beef....it's what's for dinner~ and I think these 3 know that!

The now abandoned tobacco barn...We participated in the buy-out, so we no longer raise tobacco.

Genuine Burley Tobacco...left behind in the rafters to cure.

Sunlight steaming in thru the doors of the cattle barn.

Old tire swing in front of the even older family home.


HNT on Wednesday

A couple of HNT's ago I asked y'all which pic of myself I should post. The overwhelming response was for the ass shot, but I chickened out and posted something else entirely. After further review and much contemplation I decided the guys were robbed! So, since I didn't post the pic then I figured I might as well do it now! Without further ado, here is this week's HNT~ ENJOY! (And be nice...I am more than a little self-concious about this one!)



Just Stuff...

Yesterday I finished moving all of my possessions from the house I shared with the ex. I am happy that the relationship is a done deal, but walking away from an entire life is hard. By leaving JJM I also left behind a lot of friends, kids who consider me to be closer to them than their own parents, and of course...most heartbreaking, my kitties. The actual move itself wasn't bad at all; in fact I never even saw the ex one time. Leaving the people, places, and things that had become so much a part of me...That sucked ass! I know, Lexington is only 25-30 minutes away, so why am I complaining? The fact is that although I am physically close to all this stuff I miss I couldn't be further away from it emotionally and mentally. I guess that is how break-ups are supposed to go, but this is the first time I have had to walk away and KNOW that I cannot ever go back. While I am sure I will stay in touch with some of those people who mean the most, I know in my heart that time and distance will work it's evil magic and many of these people will simply vanish. Sure, they will always lurk in my mind and in my heart, but the longer you go without talking to/seeing someone the easier it is to let that relationship just fade away. Inevitability has never been something I like...especially now, and especially where these individuals are concerned. So, with that in mind I am gonna give a quick shout-out to my Lex crew...'cause although they NEVER comment on here they do read! Rick, Patti, Big Mike, Randido, Ryan, Crystal, Shaggy, Carl, Jasmine, Kimi, Brad, Jennifer K., Cathy, Vickie, Misty, Pamela, Pop (and crew), Terry, Lil' T, Big T, Debbie, Sheryl, and even though you may be displaced ...Arnie! You guys and gals have been the bestest friends to me. You were always there to share a joke with, or to give me 2am advice. We have laughed, cried, yelled, and at times even guffawed together...I wouldn't trade a single second I spent with any of you for anything!

To the Kiddos who made me crazy, made me scream at the top of my lungs, and wrecked the house every other weekend....Cody, Anna, Devin, Hope, Brittany, Shane, Shawn, Chris (and both your little brothers too!) Jadee, and Lindsay. Knowing each one of you has somehow touched me, and I know you all have great potential to go far in life. Thanks for the memories (making giant Mother's Day cookies, Holding both your hair when you 2 puked that first time you stumbled home drunk, Replacing the toilet you blew up with firecrackers, All the teen and pre-teen drama about boyfriends/girlfriends, The times you hated me for telling you like it REALLY was, And the countless hours spent negotiating familial disputes and checking homework...) I loved every single miniute of it! Each of you is special to me in a unique way, and I hope your parents will print this out and share it so you know how much "Momma Bear" loves and misses you!

Now onto more fun stuff for those of you that don't know a single person that was just mentioned! Keeneland is one week and 2 days away and I have nothing, repeat NOTHING to wear! The dress I had is now far too big for me, and I dunno when I am going to have time to go shop! If I was Kristen this would be cause for major panic!!! However, I am not that worried, if it comes down to it I guess I can always borrow something...I just have to find another short person with good taste! (Note to self...call Joey first thing tomorrow!) I am excited too about the fact that I have a date Sunday night. Yes, I know Sunday night seems kind of odd, but he is driving down here to see me from OH (See it's not that hard Murph! You should come visit us all sometime!) and since he is off work Monday it was the best time for him. He is tall, blonde, and FUNNY! He is also a tennis pro, so you can imagine the physical shape he is in! (insert lustful moans here). We have talked on the phone some, and we do the whole online bit, so I am optimistic we will get along in person and have a great dinner together. Hell, it can't go any worse than some of my other meetings with cyber people have gone, can it?! (Please God, tell me it can't get any worse!)
The roomate is leaving for her cruise this Sunday...we are guessing early morning but since her cruise documents have not arrived yet neither one of us is sure. She will be cruising the Bahamas for a week..the bitch! It gives me time to get my stuff all unpacked and settled in though so that's ok. I am gonna have a busy weekend April 7-8...Keeneland during the day the 7th and Cause for Paws that night (5 bands, $7, free food~all money goes to local animal charities! For more info see previous post~ link is in sidebar!!! P.S. I am going to be making Gobs since Christopher's sis is unavailable, so y'all better get your asses there and EAT!!). Then on Saturday my friends Chris and Sarah are having their wedding reception/drunken bash...so you know I have to go to that! (Congrats to you both...You guys are perfect together and I couldn't be any happier for you!) I think I may not be sober again until Monday the 10th, which is bad because I have to get Ash (roomie) from the airport in Louisville on the 9th...but we think that will be late afternoon, so I should be fine to drive by then! lol
The job is on hold right now. It seems the comapny I am workign for is having some financial issues, so they laid us all off until they get that sorted out..WTF?! So that means I am back in the family business again...ahhh, nothing like the smell of fresh paint as it drips down from the top of a doorjamb and into your hair...! Really, though I don't mind working for Dad so much, he is a great guy and I love him to pieces, but we have a tendency to butt heads BIG TIME. This usually results in me quitting for a day or two, then he apologizes and I come back, but within a couple of weeks we are back at it again. Sooooo...I guess I need another new job as well as a Keeneland outfit!

Siiiiiiigh, such is life!