"Life is What Happens to You While You're Busy Making Other Plans."~John Lennon

As many of you have noticed I have been away from Blogworld for the last few days. I have been interviewing for THE job, the position I have been searching for; and I am pleased to announce that I have been hired. I will be working for a company called Product Action and I am in charge of making sure that the production line at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky is properly converted to the new specs required to produce the 2007 Toyota Camry. This job requires a great deal of logical and analytical thinking along with the ability to convert raw data into reality. While I am thrilled beyond measure that I was chosen to head up this conversion I am sad to say that I will no longer be able to blog as frequently , nor will I be online during the typical "business hours."
I report to work at 5:30 am (yup, that's not a typo folks...AM is what I mean) this coming Monday and will be working 10-12 hour shifts Monday-Friday until the new line is up and running. Obviously I cannot blog from work; Toyota has firewalls that rival the military, so I will be forced to catch up with all of you in the late afternoon and evening hours. I want you all to know that I will miss you~ especially true for those of you I will not get to talk to during the time I am online. I wish you all well, and send special Kentucky Kisses to the Seattle Crew, Sullen Girl, Snavy, Madame X, Romey, Murph, Scumbag, and of course my Frankfort Gang as well
. I also want to send love to those of you who are my "chat pals" and email buddies...You know who you are!
More interesting news...I have met someone! He shall be referred to here as "T." T. is a former military man, divorced, great friends with his Ex Wife, has a daughter and a dog...Haven't met the daughter yet, but I love the dog so that's a plus! Currently he works in communications here in the 'Fort and he lives about 5 minutes from my front door. I dunno if this will go anywhere, but right now I am happy being with him, and with him being in my thoughts. I don't think I am really ready to be "involved" seriously again~ at least not so soon after the Ex Asshole, so I am just letting things happen slowly, and taking my time. Mad love for my girl Joey for introducing us....You know me so well! Oh, FYI...I have of course, notified my new employer that April 7 is not a day I can be at the office! And YES, I did tell them I have long standing plans to attend the opening of Spring Meet at Keeneland! Fortunately I have a killer boss and she was all about my being away for the day...Lucky Me! So, just in case the Frankfort Gang was at all worried...Miss Innocent will be there! Did I mention I have the cutest dress...and 7 inch stilettos?!

Anywho, I have to be going- there are kids to be fed, car to be washed, laundry and dishes to do...in other words, life has happened! You will all be hovering in my thoughts, and I will be sure I post on Monday to check in!



Velvet X, Cause for Paws, and HNT...

This is the updated show schedule for Velvet X... GO SEE THEM!!!!

3/17/06 Brick Alley with the Mertons~ both local bands, and both extremely good!
3/23/06 Phoenix Hill Tavern~ audition night
4/7/06 The Brick Alley~ Cause for Paws ~5 bands, see below for more info
4/21/06 The Dragon Pub
4/29/06 The Brick Alley

Cause for Paws is in it's fourth year this year and it's going to be even better than before! You should all get your asses to The Brick Alley and shake your booty for a worthy cause!

Fourth Annual Cause for Paws
Brick Alley Frankfort Kentucky
Show starts at 8:00 PM sharp

$7.00 cover~ all proceeds go toward Animal Rescue efforts

provided by friends and a discount from Papa John’s (we’ll accept donations for the Cause’ but donations aren’t necessary)
Gobs (homemeade dessert similar to a moon pie) provided by family (we’ll accept donations for the Cause’ but donations aren’t necessary)

Show Schedule:
GEL 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Signal Faded 9:15 PM to 10:15 PM
The Greatest of These 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Exit 99 11:45 PM to 12:30 AM
Velvet X 12:45 AM to 1:45 AM

The show is sponsored by the Friends United in Rescue a (pending) non-profit organization devoted to helping animal rescues. All of the proceeds will be split between two animal loving non profit organizations they are the Anderson County Humane Society and the Owen County Friends of Animals www.owencountyfriendsofanimals.com


And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...This week's HNT! Now keep in mind that I took my shots after taking Kristen's~ so my creative juices were pretty dried up. I posted a question yesterday to find out what pic I should post, and the guys were all about the ass shot, but I just don't like that one so I decided to give you all the closest thing you will ever get to a frontal from me...Enjoy!

Need some help here...

Ladies and Gents I have a dilemma! I have some pretty good HNT shots prepared but I dunno which to post. Help me out, ok? Shot 1 is me, upside down with some boob action. Shot 2 is a totally naked me from the side. Shot 3 is my ass and I am up against a wall. Let me know what you wanna see...most votes wins!

WTF Wednesday

I was hanging out at Kristen's house last night, taking her SMOKIN' HAWT HNT shots when I realized I have nothing to blog about! Now, it's not that I don't have stuff going on in my life; it's just that it happens to be pretty mundane and not that interesting for you out there. So, I figured I would take a page from the astonishingly lovely Kristen and give you people some more info about me...not that you necessarily want MORE info...but I am well and truly brain dead and this is the best I can do for now. So here you go...random shit from inside my head!
1. My favorite color is green
2. I am bi-polar and take meds for it.
3. My tongue is pierced.
4. I always wanted to be a profiler for the FBI.
5. I am obsessed with tattoos and will eventually have my back covered.
6. I love Dr. Pepper and Cherry Icees
7. I refuse to wear a bikini.
8. My fingernails do not grow.
9. I get really excited about rather stupid shit!
10. I laugh in my sleep...loudly and frequently.
11. I have only been truly "in love" twice...and I love one of them still.
12. I never, ever cheat!
13. My IQ is 178... or so they tell me.
14. I love acting, and am in any play I can manage.
15. My son is my world...and he is JUST like me!
16. I have lost too many friends to count...and all of them were too young.
17. Like most women I have serious body issues.
18. Eyes and Intelligence are my biggest turn ons.
19. I never had an orgasm until I was 22.
20. My fantasies are rather "run-of-the-mill"
21. I love to watch action and horror movies.
22. I hate drama and confrontation and avoid it at all costs.
23. My sister is my best friend and my staunchest supporter, without her I am lost.
24. I lack direction in my professional life.
25. I love spiders and snakes and other "creepy-crawlies"
26. Jamocha Almond Fudge ice cream is the BEST.
27. If I had a million dollars I would...have massive plastic surgery and love it!
28. I love to read, and will do that rather than watch TV anytime.
29. I miss photograpy, and am thrilled to have time to pursue it now.
30. I am the single most open and honest person I know...and that is not always a good thing!