So, It's time again for HNT....I gave a lot of thought to my post this week and came up with only one idea I thought would be appropriate.
For those of you who haven't read (I should spank you really, but that is a subject for another time) Mongoose and I have been battling it out for a couple of days over our posses. I still firmly believe that the combination I have put together could easily stomp the shit out of Goose's group, but obviously the majority of readers don't seem to agree. In my opinion it is because those folks who are voting for Goose lack the necessary imagination to appreciate the lethality of Michael Keaton, Dakota Fanning, Linda Blair, Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis and the rest of my group. So, since it appears that I will be buying Gosse lunch next week I thought I would post an HNT that shows how very gracious a loser I can be. It is with the painful realization that MOST of my blogland friends have gone to the Goose, and with a ferverent prayer that Romey will in fact send me the naked pics he has promised to all who vote for Goose that I submit my entry for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy it and Have a Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!

Can You say D' Feet?!!!
I can..in fact I am getting rather good at saying it...*siiigh*

(I fold already Goose; Just tell me when we are going to eat! I make good on my wagers, so I guess lunch is on me...Just be gentle and don't gloat too much ok?)

*muttering to self..."I wonder if they serve humble pie...or crow....."*



The shit I'll do for a free lunch...

Okay people, get on your thinking caps and prepare yourselves...Goose does not believe my posse's skills are adequate to beat his posse. So, we are gonna leave it up to you in blogland to make the decision. Check out Goose's Clique at http://worldofthegoose.blogspot.com Compare his list to mine (buried somewhere down below here) and render your verdict on this site so we can keep track. All votes MUST have justification or they will be disqualified. The loser has to buy lunch--so I need to win folks, tax season hasn't hit it's peak yet you know - and I have a feeling Goose will pig out if I am buying.

(Yes, that was a shameless attempt at the pity vote...but I gotta work with what I have. Begging is something I can do well if properly motivated!)

So, cast your votes, play well with one another, and be sure to follow the rules. All votes due in by 12:00pm EST, Friday, February 24.

Rules for participation: You must provide us with justification for why you vote the way you do. Posses' cannot be altered-they stand as originally posted. One vote per person, no exceptions. Feel free to also provide us with a list of your posse if you have one!

Have a Wonderfully Wet Wednesday! (So called 'cause I am hoping Goose gets hosed.)

My Posse Ya'll (AKA EAT THIS GOOSE!)

Okay, just when you thought the whole posse thing had died out here I come. I wasn't going to do this but Goose (see his link in my sidebar) threw down the gauntlet in a comment to me at his site yesterday. So, in the interest of winning a bet, and to show KJ and Heather and various other women out there that girls can in fact play this game (need I remind you all it was the wonderful Everything Nice who gave it to us in the first place?) I present to you...My Posse! Please forgive the lack of pictures...I am still a wee bit ill and didn't feel like fucking with it to be honest!

(1) Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) "Men in Black" Weapons Expert/Language Expert "No, Elvis is not dead, he just went home."
This guy keeps his cool under fire, has killer laser weapons, and a neuralizer! Plus he can talk to all types of aliens and humans as well. While he is not as hot as Agent J (Will Smith) he is a seasoned interrogator and knows how to get the job done. Plus, he is funny!

(2) Emily Callaway (Dakota Fanning) "Hide and Seek" assassin "Let's hope you don't end up like her."
This is one bad ass kid, and you should be afraid of her! She kills people for fun and brings an imaginary friend who is just as lethal along for the ride. Being a kid means she appears unassuming, so she can get away with murder-literally! ( and yes, I know at the end it turns out it wasn't really HER, but the pretense makes the movie and her character is portrayed as a deadly child from Hell so....)

(3) Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) "Shaft" Enforcer "I see you somewhere you don't belong..I will kill you."
This is one bad motherfucker, and he knows it. He is hot, hard and deadly...purrfect!

(4) Jake LaMotta (Robert DeNiro) "Raging Bull" Wiseguy "Who's an Animal? Your mother's an animal you Son of a Bitch!"
Ok, so he can be a little tense at times, and ultimately he fucks himself up good, but in the meantime he is just what I need. A guy who will do anything, anytime, anywhere if the price is right.

(5) Lee (Bruce Lee) "Enter the Dragon" Spy/Martial Artist "Never take your eyes off your opponent, even when you bow."
This guy is the total package and then some! Lee is smart, sneaky, stealthy, and can kick some major ass!

(6) Tony Montana (Al Pacino) "Scarface" Money Manager "In this country you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power you get the women."
I like the way he thinks, and he DID create a helluva empire from scratch, so I figure he can help me out!

(7) Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) "LOTR, Return of the King" Strategy/Logistics/Swordplay "I do not fear death"
He is hot, hot, HOT and can defend his position like no one else. Aragorn is skilled at warmongering, hand to hand combat, and he can ride a horse while doing it if need be. He is also, loyal, devoted to the cause, and beyond corruption. Plus, did I mention he's HOT?!

(8) E.T. (Himself) "E.T.-The Extra-Terrestrial" Communications Expert "E.T., E.T., E.T.!"
Ok, so he cannot say much but this little guy can take all the junk in your garage and make a phone to call space! How freakin' cool is that shit? Plus he is as cute as a bug in a rug!

(9) Nikita (Anne Parillaud) "La Femme Nikita" assassin/Seductress "What's the worst that could happen?"
Having been specifically trained to charm and kill Nikita is as lethal as they come. She is a mistress of the darker side, and an absolute must for me. Plus, she looks great even after she has taken out the bad guy...You gotta' love that!

(10) John McClane (Bruce Willis) "Die Hard" My guy on the inside "Yippie-ki-yay, Motherfucker"
This guy is a one man show. He can pick off terrorists and still manage to crack a dry joke or two. If you need to get people out of a hostage situation he is your guy. The fact that he can shoot, take a risk, and still maintain his composure makes him a great guy to keep around.

(11) Regan Teresa MacNeil (Linda Blair) "The Exorcist" Demonic Powers "Stick your cock up her ass you motherfuckin' worthless cocksucker!"
Okay, okay so she is a bit crazy, but shit she doesn't care so why should I? This chick has telekinetic powers, her head spins round and round, and she can projectile vomit! With the powers of Satan on my side I can't go wrong! (To hell maybe, I can go to hell...but I can't go wrong)

(12) James Bond (Sean Connery) "Diamonds are Forever" Weapons Expert/ Interrogation Expert "Well, I am afraid you've caught me with more than my hands up."
Mr. Bond is the master of "charm and disarm." He will talk you out of your secrets AND your clothes, and he has that sexy voice! Plus he has all the cool gadgets I need to take over the world!

(13) Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) "Beetlejuice" Spell Caster/Evil Genius "It's showtime!"
This guy is gonna' be hard to take out in public, but if you piss him off he will shrink your head! He is not a nice guy, and has no qualms about dishing out a spell to amuse himself or irritate his enemies. He also loves to be bad, and I love a bad boy so....


Velvet X alert....Just a reminder that the Frankfort Based band Velvet X will be performing at the follwing places during the following times. These guys REALLY need our support in order to book at larger venues more frequently. So Shake Yo' Ass already!
Saturday, February 25
High Life Lounge--388 Woodland (formerly Lynaugh's) Lexington, KY
Friday, March 17 (Saint Patrick's Day)
The Brick Alley--Frankfort, KY
Thursday, March 23
Phoenix Hill Tavern-- Louisville, KY
**On Stage From 11:30-12:30**
Possibility of a caravan up to the show, I will keep you posted!
You can also find Velvet X band at http://www.Jambase.com


Kentucky Women-Fact and Fantasy

So there has been quite a bit of boasting and posturing about Kentucky Women here and on a couple of other blogs I frequent. Having nothing else to write about today I thought I would make an attempt to educate those of you who are not fortunate enough to live in, or know, a Kentucky Woman. As a general rule Kentucky Women are not something I would brag about. There is, however a rare and seldom seen breed of Kentucky Woman who is phenomenal.
The Kentucky Woman who is worth knowing is a lady first and foremost. She is always in style, knows what is and isn't "PC", can talk on a multitude of topics and handles her liquor like you cannot imagine. She is a woman who is confident, self-assured, and will whoop your ass if you need it! She is not afraid to BE herself, she just worries what will happen if others find out what being herself entails. True Kentucky Women speak their minds, and are experts at making a side remark seem like a compliment. They are quick-witted, funny, and loyal. Kentucky Women like to keep their friends close, but their enemies closer, and have a rather nasty gossipy way about them--he only drawback I have found to being a Kentucky Woman, thus far.
As a group Kentucky Women are strong, tough, courageous, and very self-confident. We love ourselves, or men, our horses and our booze. We all tend to work hard, but love to play even harder. A true Kentucky Woman doesn't play games, and will always tell you the truth about anything; Provided you aren't going to tell someone else of course!
If you have the fortune to date or marry a Kentucky Woman you should be prepared for the following things: A slight "twang" on occasion, Someone who will most likely cook for you-and cook well, An outstanding sense of humor, Great hair (Hey, it's true!!), A surprisingly large vocabulary considering we come from one of the lowest ranking states education wise, Passion, Drive, Determination, Desire, and manners that are unmatched.
A Kentucky Woman is kind, caring, and has a backbone of steel. She will take you home, sleep with you, make you breakfast and iron your shirt BEFORE she tells you to get the fuck out, and never call again!
And that folks, is exactly why She is so loved!