Kamikaze Bloggin'

Hello Bloggers! Sorry I have been gone for sooo long, life has been pretty busy lately what with all the partying, the late nights, the new job...Basically I have been busy reclaiming my life and letting the inner 'rock star' out!
The surgery went extremely well and I am pleased to say that I am almost back to 100%. Thanks to all of you who expressed concern and sent get well wishes.

I am actually awake and writing this right now because I was awakened by a very powerful dream. Considering I rarely go to bed before dawn these days I am even more disoriented than usual as I write this. There was this guy in high school, Chris. He was my bestest guy pal, and we used to hang out together a great deal. I had the biggest crush on him, but it never went anywhere and eventually we developed this really deep friendship. I have not seen him since right before my 21st birthday when he came to my job dressed to kill and whisked me away for dinner and drinks. I miss him like crazy, especially now that I am starting this new chapter in my life. I have tried to find him online, to no avail...And I have not been able to locate any of his brothers either. In my dream he was just standing there, smiling that big wide smile of his, blue eyes twinkling...And he wrapped me up in the biggest hug and spun me around. We were laughing and I was so at peace; then he said he had to go and I woke up crying. Yup, real honest to God tears. I guess being back here in Frankfort has reminded me of so many things I missed while I was living in Lex., but I don't know why Chris showed up now. For years I would dream of him off and on, but I haven't done that in a very long time, and I never woke up feeling so completely alone like I did today. Maybe it's a sign he and I will see one another soon? Anyway, you guys owe him some thanks because I wouldn't be on here right now if I hadn't had that damn dream!
Like I said, life is good! I have a wealth of fantastic friends, a job at a locally owned restaurant I adore, and there is always something to do. I am on the run 90% of the time, the rest of it I am asleep....hehe! I am behaving myself as much as I possibly can, and I miss all of you something fierce!
OH! I have two new additions to my family! My furry babies, Inspector Gadget and Penny! I will post pics of their adorable little tabby faces as soon as I can manage to get them to be still for a camera! They were 6 weeks old on Saturday, and were delivered to me by a good friend...he knows that 'kitten therapy' is the best way to heal after surgery! My son and I have had a great time with them so far, as have my roomies! Like I said~ pics as soon as I can get them to you!

So this is my first official 'Kamikaze Bloggin'' post...I hope you all enjoyed it, and that you guys and gals will send me some comments. Remember, no matter where I may actually BE my thoughts are always with all of my blogland family!

p.s. Happy (early) Birthday Greetings to the oh-so-lovely Everything Nice! Miss you Emma, and I promise to be in touch soon!